16 October 2018

Travel Guide to Florence, Italy

We first went to Florence last 2007 and the highlight of our travel then was the Uffizi Gallery. Now it's more on food trip, walking tour and Pitti Palace. Here are a some suggested activities that you might be interested in when in Florence.

Where To Eat in Florence

Trattoria Dall Oste


Florence is best known for it's Fiorentine steak. They are a bit expensive but come on, you're in Florence so why not take the chance to try it.

We checked the restaurants with good reviews on Tripadvisor and we decided to try Trattoria Dall Oste. The restaurant is located near the Duomo (Cathedral).

We ordered Bistecca alla Fiorentina T-Bone Steak menu, Lasagna al Forno and Pizza Margherita.

sliced meats and crouttons


Bisteca alla Florentina     

Who needs a birthday cake, when you have a birthday steak!

The steak didn't disappoint. It was perfectly cooked. My son didn't enjoy his pizza though. So if you'll eat here, stick to the steak which seems to be their specialty. 

San Lorenzo Market

One can enjoy both eating and shopping at San Lorenzo Market. Outside the building are local shops that sell clothes, souvenirs and leather goods. 

We went on a Sunday so the 1st floor was closed but the choices of food on the 2nd floor of the market were more than enough. 

San Lorenzo Market Florence, Italy

Panino Lampredotto is a local food that's worth a try (and is cheap!). It's made from the stomach of a cow. It may not sound pleasing but it was surprisingly good. Another Florentine dish we tried is Trippa Florentina. I personally wasn't a fan of this dish because the tripe smell lingers while eating it.

Trippa Fiorentina
Panino Lampredotto

We also tried the Arancine con Ragu which only costs 3 Euro each. It basically a big rice ball with the ragu meat inside.


My younger son, as usual, ordered pizza Margherita which tasted better than the one he previously had at Trattoria Dall Oste.

Here are the variety of food available at San Lorenzo Market.

330 Euro truffles
We ended our Florence food trip with a gelato at Venchi. 

Things to do in Florence

Florence Duomo

Florence Duomo

Ponte Vecchio

view from Ponte Vecchio

San Lorenzo Market




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