12 October 2018

AAPC Webinars Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for AAPC Membership Renewal

It's been 2 years since I took the AAPC CPC exam in Abu Dhabi, UAE and now it's time to renew my membership but 33 CEUs are required unlike the first year renewal where it can be renewed without the CEUs.

AAPC CPC members are required to take 33 Continuing Education Units every 2 years to stay current. You can either attend seminars, workshops, webinars or conferences to earn the units. Members can earn the units from vendors but I decided to subscribe to AAPC webinars. 

Members can avail discounts on AAPC Membership renewal bundled with webinars subscription. The webinar subscription is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

After subscribing to webinars, you can access them from your online account anytime. You can watch the webinar online but you can also download the PDF, video or audio. After watching it, you need to rate the webinar and leave feedback before you can take the quiz. 

Post tests are 10 questions per webinar. You need to get all the correct answers before the certificate is issued. Don't worry if you make mistakes because after you submit, they usually have rationale for you to know why your answer was wrong and you can change your answer/s.

each webinar has 2 CEUs

You can submit your CEUs 2 months before your 2nd year renewal and if you meet the required number of units. Once submitted you can see them under your previously submitted CEUs. You can re-upload the certificates in case you need a copy. 

The CEU topics are very helpful to keep up with the updates. Since I still have 11 months in my subscription, it means I can use them for my CEU requirements for the next 2 years. 

For those who are due to renew their 2nd year membership and don't meet the required CEUs, you can buy an extension for $50 for 3 months.

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