26 October 2018

A Day in Portofino, Italy

We first saw Portafino in Andrea Bocelli's music video when he had a concert by the bay. Portofino is a well known high end destination in Italy. A nightly hotel stay in the centre costs around 400 Euros.

Ferrari's parked by the bay

Portofino Parking
There is only one parking near the bay of Portofino and it is the most expensive parking I've seen so far. It costs 5.50 Euro per hour. The parking space is so small that I don't recommend it to those with SUVs.

parking space at Parking Portofino

view outside Portofino parking

cost of parking - 14 Euro in 2 hrs and 20 mins

Dining in Portofino
We had lunch at Pizzeria El Portico near the bay of Portofino. There is a 2.50 service charge per person. The pizza are smaller than the usual Italian serving size and the taste is not that outstanding.


Everything  in Portofino is expensive.. that includes gelato (ice cream). It costs 5.50 Euro for 2 scoops. It's the most expensive ice cream we bought so far. As for the taste, well it's definitely not worth the price.

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  1. It was a good trip for you. I wish I could join you there. Nice photos!