16 September 2017

Travel Guide to Venice, Italy (with Murano, Burano and Torcello Island Tour)

Venice grand canal
We visited Venice in August and the weather was perfect. Let me guide you on our 2 nights, 3 days itinerary in Venice, Murano and Burano Islands.

Parking in Venice
Cars are not allowed in Venice Centre so we parked our car at Venezia Tronchetto Indoor private parking near the ferry station.  

Tranchetto Indoor Parking Venice, Italy
 Tranchetto Indoor Parking Venice, Italy (open 24 hours)

parking fee at Trochetto parking Venice
Parking Fee 
For the first 2 hours - € 3/hour
From 3rd hour to 4th hour - € 5/hour
From 5th hour to 24 hours - € 21 
For each subsequent 24 hours - € 21 

parking is just behind the buiding on the left, ferry station on the right
Ferry To Venice

At the end of Venezia Tronchetto Parking building, you'll see a cash desk where you can purchase ferry tickets to Venice Centre.


There are some people near the station who misleads some tourists and lead them to a private ferry office instead of the public ticketing office.

Venice ferry ticket prices
Venice Ferry Ticket prices 
valid for 75 mins      - € 7.50
valid for 24 hours     - € 20
valid for 48 hours     - € 30
valid for 72 hours     - € 40
valid for 7 days        - € 60

Venezia Tronchetto Parking is 8 ferry stations away from San Marco station. 

ferry station

ferry station near St. Mark's square

Venice St. Mark's Square

bell tower at St. Mark's Square


View of Venice Canals

Spritz in Venice

Never leave Venice without trying their local Spritz. It's a combination of Prosseco wine and Aperol. One of the best suggested places as per tripadvisor was Osteria Al Squero. Everything was delicious and cheap.

customers eating outside

St. Mark's square by night

Venice Walking Tour

Souvenir Shopping

Doge's Palace
This palace is certainly one of my favorite man made structure. 


Panoramic City Tour with Murano, Burano and Torcello Island Tour
We bought our tickets at the Alilaguna Ticket Office near St. Mark's square. The cost of the tour is € 20 which lasted at arounf 4 and a half hours.

demo on glass making


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  2. Venice is a perfect romantic place for couples! I am loving it! However, I have not been there! I love it because of the descriptions I have heard.