21 April 2018

SM Town LIVE World Tour VI (Kpop) in Dubai 2017

Some might be wondering why would one watch a concert when you can't even understand a single song. Well if your kids are into Kpop, those parents would understand why. 
Almost everyday I hear Kpop and Japanese Anime songs at home. Literally, E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. They play it as early as they take a shower, when I drive them to school here in Italy and you'll know when they come back from school because the songs are played again. 

I booked the concert tickets as soon as I heard that there is Kpop concert in Dubai just in time for the spring break. In case you'll ask, yes me and my husband tagged along. 

Surprisingly we also had a great time. The music and production was great.

..will post more pictures later

queue at the entrance of Autism Rocks Arena, Dubai

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