21 April 2018

SM Town LIVE World Tour VI (Kpop) in Dubai 2017

Some might be wondering why would one watch a concert when you can't even understand a single song. Well if your kids are into Kpop, those parents would understand why. 
Almost everyday I hear Kpop and Japanese Anime songs at home. Literally, E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. They play them as early as they take a shower (they even have waterproof bluetooth speakers inside the bathroom, so now you can imagine how loud they play them even while bathing), when I drive them to school and you'll know when they come back from school because the songs are played again. 

I booked the tickets as soon as I heard that there is a Kpop concert in Dubai just in time for their spring break.  So we travelled all the way from Italy to Dubai just to watch the Kpop concert. 

In case you'll ask, yes me and my husband tagged along. Surprisingly we also had a great time. The music and production was great.

(..will post more pictures later)

queue at the entrance of Autism Rocks Arena, Dubai

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