06 September 2016

My Jaywalking Ticket in Dubai

my Dubai Police jaywalking ticket
November 2018 Update

Dubai Police issue new warning: Dh400 fine for jaywalking

From 200 AED, Jaywalking is now 400 AED.

Today I was caught crossing the street where it's not allowed to. I admit that it's my fault so I won't be giving excuses like a lot of people were doing it but didn't get caught or it's not a major street or the weather was very hot or it will take me an additional 20 minute walk if I cross the pedestrian lane. Jaywalking is wrong. Period! It's prohibited to cross that street for a reason. That is to ensure the safety of both the pedestrians and motorists. 

The policeman took my Emirates ID and gave me my jaywalking ticket. He said that I had to pay a 200 AED fine and collect my Emirates ID from the Dubai Police office in Al Barsha. (Don't forget to confirm with the police officer in which dubai police traffic department you'll pay the jaywalking ticket/fine.)

FGB Metro Station to Dubai Police Al Barsha Office
Now, where do I pay for my jaywalking / road crossing fine in Dubai? The Dubai Police Traffic Department Office in Barsha is near FGB metro station (red line). Take exit #1, cross the street and walk to your right. Go in the direction of the building where there is an EMAAR sign. You'll instantly see the Dubai Police building after that. It took me about 3 minutes to walk from the FGB metro station to the Dubai Police Office in Al Barsha.

FGB Metro Station 

Working Hours for Jaywalking payments in Al Barsha Traffic Department: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM Sunday to Thursday (according to the customer information officer)

View of FGB Metro station from Dubai Police Office in Al Barsha

The man in the reception instructed me to follow the pink footstep stickers that were on the floor at the left side of the building. The stickers on the floor reads FINE SECTION (female).

I gave the policewoman my jaywalking ticket and paid 220AED (fine plus fee). She then gave me the receipt and Emirates ID. Fortunately, I was the only one there so I was done after 5 mins.

220 AED payment receipt for jaywalking ticket


  1. I also need to collect my emirates id at al barsha police office. The policeman told me to pay only 200 for my jaywalking fine. Didnt mention of the 20 extra that i need to pay when he gave me the jaywaking ticket.

  2. i need to get my emirates ID at al barsha traffic office for jaywalking fine. Can i make my payment by credit card?

  3. Is al barsha traffic office the only place where i can pay my jaywalking fine in dubai? Do they accept credit card fot payment of my jaywalking ticket? I hope you answers my questions

  4. The dubai police get my emitares id to pay penalty for crossing road violation here dubai thank you for post of timings al barsha police and traffic station i now get my id back but also pay the fine very expensive i will not do road crossing violation again

  5. Can i pay by credit card in police station / traffic office in al barsha dubai for the payment of my jaywalking ticket?

  6. Fine now was increased to 400AED.

    and I got caught, dang! that's a lot of money.

  7. i was caught with my friends few days ago but they didnt give us any tickets and give us our emirates id back im from al ain an no message whatsoever what to do next how can we check if we have fines or not

  8. This is such an informative post. You have a lot of really great points. I wish I had this post as a resource when I started blogging.
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  9. I crossed through the zebra crossing ensuring no vehicles approaching. However I got jaywalking ticket 400 as I crossed before green signal. It was sunny and made no sense waiting there unnecessarily. Anyways I’d had saved 400 if I had the patience to wait for 2 more minutes.

  10. I paid online and it was successfully confirm, now the question is where to get my Emirates ID after paying it online?

  11. I also get fine. Will the ID can be collected on the next day itself.

  12. Does all confiscated emirates id for jaywalking be collected only at al barsha police station?

  13. Is there any discount we can get on fines.

  14. what the timings of the police station?

  15. my husband & i got 2 fines for jaywalking. 840 aed wasted !! :(

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