22 January 2016

Our Foodie Tour in Parma, Italy

marked high quiality parmegiano-reggiano
Who would not love to see how Italy's best tasting food are made. This is what we had in mind when we decided to visit Parma, Italy. Focus on food!

Our first stop is to a Parmegiano Reggiano (Parmesan Cheese) factory. As a protocol for anyone who visits the factory, we had to wear disposable gowns, caps, and shoe covers. It was winter so we had to wear them on top of our winter clothes (that's why we look bulky in the pictures below).

fresh milk being processed every morning.

Our tour guide discussing how the cheese are made, stored, marked and graded
our tour guide showing us how the cheese are marked

say cheese! :)

Next we went to a Parma Prociutto factory. Like the parmeggiano reggiano factory, we were also able to see how the original parma ham are made. We also had the chance to taste the different types of prociutto at the end of the factory tour.

salted and dried prociutto

We had a quick lunch with traditional parma specialties and wine. Then we went to a vineyaard where balsamic vinegars were made and aged.

this is were thw balsamic vinegar are stored (some for almost more than 15 years)

balsamic vinegar tasting 

Tip: The parmegiano reggiano store outside the factory sells high quality cheese at a lower price.

(I'll try to write more on this article and add pictures.)

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