18 March 2015

Tips on How to Pass RTA Dubai Driving Theory Test

Tips on How to Pass RTA Dubai Driving Theory Test

The RTA Dubai driving theory exam (knowledge test, signal test) is a one of the requirements before you can get a Dubai driving license.

Don't expect to see sample questions in this article. Instead, these tips are to maximize your review materials before the exam. 

RTA Dubai Light Motor Vehicle Handbook
1. Read the RTA driving book. I know that it seems a lot of reading, but it HELPED A LOT DURING THE EXAM! 

2. Listen to your instructor during the mandatory lectures. Also, make friends so you can have someone to share your thoughts. I met Gina during our lectures whom I got to stay in touch with. We saw to it that we arrived early so we were seated in front. This encourages you to participate during the discussion. 

I remember my lecture instructor, Mr Mirza, who gave a lot of driving advise which I was able to use in the exam and actual driving.

3. Download the free mobile RTA Dubai app. There are 35 multiple choice practice questions. After you submit the exam, it will automatically say if you passed or failed. It also gives a summary of your incorrect answers. Try doing it as often as possible (with understanding it of course) because there are times that different set of questions appear.

    Download the RTA Dubai App  >> Just swipe to the left  >>  Again swipe to the left                       

     Select Next   >>  Select Driver   >>  Select Skip

       Select Practice RTA Theory Test  >>  Select your language   >> Select Motor Vehicle    

4. Visit the RTA Dubai website for the practice traffic sign test. It consist of 10 multiple choice practice questions. When you finish answering, it will show the questions with the corresponding correct answers.

My RTA Final Driving Road Test Experience and Tips

1. Listen and follow your driving instructor.
I had 40 lessons with my driving instructor Ma'am Lolitha (Anne) Cariaso at Dubai Driving Center in Jumeirah. She was very strict. She made sure that she corrected my mistakes and gave clear instructions on how to prevent them. She taught me safe and responsible attitude in driving. 

We were 3 test takers during the road test. I was the 2nd. I was asked to change lanes, right turns, left turns, turns, roundabout left, roundabout straight, roundabout right; drive in residential area, merge and drive on the main road, parallel parking, etc.. 

Remember to drive within the speed limits, use correct indicator lights, watch our for pedestrians that sometimes come out of nowhere... generally obey traffic rules.

During my RTA driving road test, I was thinking of Ms. Anne's instructions during my practical driving lessons with her. I wouldn't have passed my final road test if it weren't for her.

2. Prepare yourself holistically.

Sleep early the night before your exam. Eat your meal. Arrive on time. Stay calm. It's better not to chat with people who just finished the exam. This will just make you anxious. 

Good luck!

with friends from driving school


  1. Thank ou for signal test tips. 2 times me fail already

  2. Ang galing naman po kc wla fail n fault. Sna may available slot pa yung instructor nyo kc gus2 ko sa knya din po

  3. Tnks for rta driving tips

  4. Dubai rta final driving test me next week. I like i pass like you

  5. Salamat kabayan. Ang laking tulong ng rta mobile app at rta website practice sa theory test. Take 1 pumasa na ako!!!!!!

  6. Iphone app is very helpful!! Thank you!! I pass RTA signal test!!

  7. Thks for tips pass rta signal test. I no read driving book. I like iphone practice app

  8. I pass!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! This is big help!!! Esp the iphone app!!

  9. I pass driving signal test last week! Tks! I follow youre tips!

    1. Hello Madam Would you please explain me that how to practice theory test question through computer internet.

  10. How can I practice theory test through computer internet?

    1. you only need to download the application to your mobile phone. name of the apps is RTA DUBAI. after you download the apps, open it and go to DRIVER category, then you will find the "Practice RTA Theory test"

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  11. I practice very much mobile app i pass dubai driving exams!! Thx!!!!!!!

  12. how to practice perception hazards???

  13. how to practice perception hazards???

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  15. thx for tips to pass rta theory driving test in dubai

  16. i pass driving computer exam today. inshallah i pass rta

  17. I finish 5 times try to get rta driving license in dubai. I hope i pass on next time.......

  18. I pass rta driving computer test here in dubai!!! Thx for the tips!!!

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