23 February 2014

My Dubai Marathon Training Experience

I enjoy running. It gives me a sense of being alive. I love it when I feel my heart beats after a long run. For 2 consecutive years now, I've joined Dubai Marathon trainings with my running buddy Cathy. With all my efforts given this year, our trainor said that with our running pace.. we would probably finish the 42 km run in more than 5 1/2 hours. He advised that we join the 10km run instead.

with my running buddy Cathy

Cathy and I finished the Dubai Marathon 2014 10km run in 1 hour and 20 something mins. Our marathon trainor said that our goal should be running in less than 5 hours (although he was pretty sure we'll end up running plus 1-2 hours).

I enjoyed the Dubai Marathon training program so much that I'm pretty sure that we'll join again when it starts.. but for me and Cathy to convince out instructor let us run the 42 km depends in reaching our goal time :) 

And to top all the fun, there is a charity foundation that is supported after each run..

kids joined 3km fun run and cheered for mom on the finish line

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