12 July 2013

Guitar Lessons in Dubai

Classes are over and I have to organize different activities for the kids during their vacation. Learning on how to play a musical instrument was on our agenda. I asked them what they would want to learn and they both chose guitar.

Martin&Co. 1/2 size guitar

We bought their first string guitar at Sadek Music in Dubai Mall (near Reel Cinema, Food Court).  It's a Martin&Co 1/2 size acoustic string guitar with Fishman tuner. It costs 1,800 AED (plus complementary gig bag and guitar picks). It's more expensive than what I thought it would cost but it sounded great and our son loved it so we ended up buying it.

Studio Guide at Jumeirah Music Centre, Dubai

The next step was to find a music school. There were a couple of them that I called and inquired but some were either far from where we live or only offer group classes. I asked my friend who was taking piano lessons and she referred me to the Jumeirah Music Centre.

Jumeirah Music Centre price list

Jumeirah Music Centre is located at Jumeirah Plaza Mall near the open beach. I enrolled each of them at 30 minutes/week (refer to the photo for prices). It was one-on-one with the guitar teacher which I thought was better than having it in a class of students. I was informed that it will take a couple of months for them to learn basic guitar playing but I think their instructor is doing a great job because after 4 weeks, my elder son was able to play a few songs and my younger son knew how to read notes up to the 4th string.

After a few weeks of guitar lessons, we decided to buy another guitar so they both can play and practice at the same time. Their instructor (Sir Lex) advised us to purchase a 3/4 size guitar. Since their first guitar had steel strings, we decided to buy a nylon string guitar this time. It has a warmer sound and ideal for classical music. 

The music stores we knew were only the Sadek Music in Dubai Mall (where we bought their first guitar), a small stand near Hyperpanda in Dubai Festival City (we bought their capo) and the Music Room in Jumeirah (we bought the Guitar Method Book 1). I then googled 'Where to buy a guitar in Dubai'. I found out about some music stores at Wafi Mall, Karama and Deira. 

Kids trying out the Yamaha guitars

We bought a Yamaha CS40/02 acoustic nylon string guitar at Thomson Music at Wafi Mall just beside the Raffles Hotel. It costs 450 AED (cheaper than the Martin&Co). The gig bag it came with was not an original Yamaha bag. It didn't have foam to protect the guitar and it just really didn't look good. I separately bought a Fender gig bag.

Fender gig bag we bought separately


  1. Wow! Way to go Gwen & Klein! Thanks for this wonderful post Caleen!

    (Sir) Lex

    1. Hi Sir Lex. Thanks for visiting the blog :)

    2. Hi Caleen! I shared this blog already to Facebook (my page and JMC page), I do hope it's okay. Thanks! Cheers!

    3. My pleasure Sir Lex :) Cheers!

  2. Hi Caleen! Jumeirah Music Centre is trying to reach your mobile. The Saturday slot is available. Please call if you find time. Thanks!

  3. Hi Sir Lex. Thanks for the info. The kids will see you on Sat :)

  4. We cannot compare BMW X6 with Kia Picanto ,, so theres a big difference between Martin Co. and yamaha guitar's ..

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