20 September 2012

Madrid City Tours - Hop On Hop Off Bus

Tour Bus stop at Puerta del Sol, Madrid
During our Madrid visit, Madrid City Tours is the only hop on hop off bus available in the city. You can purchase tickets at souvenir shops or at the bus. 

We purchased tickets that are valid for 2 days which cost us 72 Euro for 2 adults and 2 kids. Notice that tickets are valid by the number of days and not by the number of hours. So if you purchase the ticket like late in the afternoon, then you can only use it for the rest of that day.

bus rates

Whenever we travel, we opt to take hop on hop off tour bus mainly to save time from traveling from one sight to another and to take advantage of the information from the audio guide. The kids enjoy and learn a lot from it. 

enjoying Madrid by bus

The bus tour has 2 routes. Modern and Historical. 

free maps / discount coupons and earphones at the bus


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