25 September 2012

Chocolatería San Ginés, Madrid

After meals, one of our favorite desert is churros. These are like sticks of doughnuts dipped in a thick hot chocolate. Chocolatería San Ginés has the best churros in Madrid.

San Gines church (center), book shop (left)
To get there from Puerta del Sol or Palacio Real, look for Calle Arenal and when you see the San Ginés church there is a second hand book shop almost next to it at Pasadizo de San Gines street.

From there, Chocolatería San Ginés is just 2 minutes walk.

street leading to Chocolatería San Ginés

churros dipped in hot chocolate

Don't think that the up class set up of the restaurant will cost you a fortune. One order of churros with chocolate was only 3.70 Euro and 2 Euro for each bottle water. It costs us around 20 Euro for the four of us. 

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