20 September 2012

Camping IL Melo at Peveragno, Italy

Camping is one of the activities which create memories that a child remembers. We organized a camping in Italy with family and friends. August was a peak camping season in Italy so we had difficulty looking for camping sites that would accept a 3 day stay. Usually the minimum was 7 days unless you reserve way ahead.

view on the way to Peveragno

We found camping Il Melo from the internet. It was around 2 hours drive and the only site available so we decided to book our camping there. 

Make sure to arrive during office hours because it closes the gate and there is no one in the office.

information office

The camp site was clean. What we didn't like about the place was there are residents. We thought that the place was for campers only. It is prohibited to make some noise from 1 to 3 PM. This was a bit hard for us because there were a lot of kids with us. This campsite was for campers who likes silence. 

view of the mountain from the campsite

swimming pool

After setting up our tents, we decided to walk to the center of Peveragno which took us around 20 minutes.

nature walk around the campsite

visit to the center of Peveragno

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