31 August 2012

How to Get to Puerta del Sol from Madrid Airport Barajas

We flew from Milan to Madrid Airport Barajas via Al Italia. The flight was approximately 2 hours. 

Once you arrive at Barajas International Airport, just follow the direction leading to the metro. The signs are very easy to find. 

Barajas International Airport, Madrid
You will find a Customer Service Centre just before the Metro Station. The queue was a bit long so we decided to just take one of the english brochure for the metro. 

Customer Service Center at Airport

Metro Map

Line 8 (Pink Line) Metro
The journey from Barajas International Airport to Sol took us around 45 minutes. 

Take the Line 8 (pink line) until to Nuevos Ministerios
Transfer to Line 10 (dark blue) to the direction of Puerta del Sur but get off at Tribunal Station.
Transfer to Line 1 (light blue) to the direction of Valdecarros and get off at Sol Station.

The ticket costs 2 Euro each plus 3 Euro for Aeroport Charge for a total of 5 Euro per passenger. 

On the way back from Sol to Barajas Airport, we took the cab and the fare was 18.30 plus 5 Euro (I think they charge that for airport drop offs) So the total was 23.30 Euro. The driver said that it usually costs 35 to 40 Euro but since out flight was early in the morning, the traffic was ok that's why it only reached that amount. 

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