30 August 2012

Botin - Oldest Restaurant in the World

Whenever I googled things to do in Madrid, Botin Restaurant always pops up. So before we travel, I made online reservations at Botin. It was only a 10 minute walk from our Hotel in Puerta del Sol. It is located just outside the Plaza Mayor Square. Everybody knows where it is so it is impossible not to find it.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records certificate displayed,  Botin is the oldest restaurant in the world which dates back to 1725.

It is said that Hemingway pronounced it as one of his favorite restaurants.

 Unless you do extensive research about the restaurant, you would not know that there is a "bodega" or wine cellar where you can dine. It is at the basement of the restaurant. I requested that our reservations for that day would be there because it is an original structure of the restaurant. 

The cellar was well preserved. We felt how old indeed was Botin. The waiters were very attentive to the customers. The one who served us spoke in English well.

The waiters gave us bread prior to ordering but they were not complimentary. We were charged 2 Euros each. 

Me and my husband ordered their specialty - Roast Suckling Pig (23.95 Euro each)  and eggplants Cordobesa Style (11.15 Euro each) . The kids preferred the  Roasted Chicken (11.55 Euro each) and Chocolate Ice Cream.

The sangria (7.50 Euro per half pitcher) was heavenly compared to those we tried at other restaurants in Madrid.


Price was reasonable. Taste was delightful. Thumbs up!


  1. Can we dine without reservations??

    1. Yes but the queue was long. I guess for your convenience, it's better to make reservations :)

  2. awwww.. caleen,one of the chefs in that resto is a capampangan whom i met in CAMFROG (a video chatroom), he's from MABALACAT... he specializes in LECHON DE LECHE :)

  3. Really? Their Lechon de Leche was the best! If he opens a resto in Pampanga, it'll be a hit!

  4. This makes me hungry. The food and the place looks good

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