24 July 2012

Skysurfers Membership

Skysurfers is a frequent flyer program of Emirates Airlines for 2 to 16 years old. I am a Skywards (frequent flyer for the adults) member and the kids used to be under my family program where only 20% miles is credited to my account every time they travel. 

Now that they have their own account, they earn 100% miles and enjoy the benefits of being a member. To join, just log in their website and fill out the form. Do not use Safari, it doesn't bring you to the page where you have to print it. I tried it like a couple of times but it just won't get through. Then I decided to use Internet Explorer and it was ok. The kids got their skywards pack after a month. 

comes with 2 baggage tags and 1 skysurfers card


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