01 April 2012

While on duty..

We nurses have different experiences while performing our duties. Here were some of mine..

MOST EMBARRASSING. I applied a cold compress on a follow-up patient with a very very minimal inflammation (mosquito bite size). He was inside the room with his wife. After a while, the doctor needed me for a minute. Instead of stopping the application, I decided to instruct the wife to hold it for a while until I came back. When I went out, everybody was laughing when I told them what I did. Know why? They said that I just asked a first lady to do it. I didn't know that the patient was a president :)

TEARS FELL. In a medical surgical ward of a public hospital was an 8 year old dengue patient who needed a blood transfusion. His father went to Red Cross to get the blood bags that were requested. But it was too late. 30 minutes before he arrived back at the hospital, his son passed away.

APPRECIATED. A patient brought coffee for us after she recovered from surgery.

FIGHTING FOR EQUALITY. In a public hospital, the charge nurse in the area where I was assigned didn't want to lend a bed pan (for urination) to a patient in the ward because she said that they can only be used for private room patients because they pay more. The ward patient was alone and was really weak to go to the toilet. I took the bed pan, assisted the patient, cleaned the pan and put it back at the station. I brought the issue to the attention of higher authority. Not fair!

A MOMENT OF SILENCE. I was assisting one of the doctors when he told the patient that she had cancer. She cried so much while saying that she has a son to take care of :(

WHEN LISTENING WAS ENOUGH. Each patient have different stories. With what they are going through (whether minor or major) it is a big deal for them to have someone just to listen to what they feel.

STICKING TO PRINCIPLES. I was offered a tempting job offer while I was still working but in life, it's not always about the money and position. A chance of acquiring better pay but I had to divulge informations of my current employer's private informations. Not so me!

PATIENCE. Moody patients. It takes a lot of patience for nurses to provide care to sick patients. I always remind myself that they are going through something that is not easy. 


  1. Miss Caleen, I enjoyed reading this post of yours.

  2. most embarrassing---- where did that happen?:) haha at least they know you treat your patients equally.:)

    1. Hi Ann. It happened here in Dubai. Can you imagine how embarrassed I was? haha