08 March 2012

Where can I dispose these?

I have these batteries with me for almost 2 years now. I know they possess health risk but I made sure that they are sealed well. I have accumulated this much because my boys' gadgets and remote controls. We purchased these batteries years back (when I wasn't environmentally friendly yet).

It's now been a while since I actively engaged in environmental friendly practices and I just can't take throwing away these batteries knowing how harmful they are. I think as of now, I have to research more on how I can get rid of these used batteries. I just hope that there will be more projects for environment protection like providing more recycling disposal areas to encourage residents to practice waste segregation (I hope one would be near our area). Now these are the batteries that we use in our household. Rechargeable.


  1. Very interesting. Pls post in your blog if you find a place where to dispose them ok

  2. Me too I want to find place to put rubbish batteries

    1. Will update you guys as soon as I find a proper place for them :)

  3. Very nice of you to contribute in saving the environment even on your own.