07 February 2012

One Less Plastic Bag

Like what my reusable grocery bag says... ONE LESS PLASTIC BAG

Four simple words that has a great impact in our environment. There are various studies that answers how long a plastic bag may decompose. It varies from 15 to 100 years but I believe that the effect it leaves in our environment may last a lifetime. 

It is not easy to avoid using plastic bags but these are some cases that I was able not to use them

- I bring my own grocery bag
- I use re-usable sealed container for the kids' packed sandwiches in school (instead of using plastic sandwich  bags)
- whenever  I go shopping and buy a small item, I prefer to keep it inside my bag
- if I have a choice, I choose paper over plastic

Let us Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Now is the right time to act!


  1. Plastic bags were banned on some countries globally. I bought some outfits and accessories and I was happy for the paper package cause it was really wonderful and nature friendly.

    1. I hope that more countries would follow in banning the plastic bags :) let's keep on supporting establishments who set good examples in preserving our environment :)