20 February 2012

Enhancing Nursing

I took almost all the trainings offered at NC CLEX Manila in preparation for my NCLEX exam.

I passed the NCLEX exam and got my New York State Nursing License but more of that, I was able to use everything I learned when I took the DHA nursing exams in Dubai, UAE.

during our return demo

My NC CLEX trainers were very knowledgeable in what they do and they were able to impart this knowledge to us. They didn't rush on the topics unless they were sure that we understood it. They were very patient during skills demo. My trainings here honestly enhanced my skills as a nurse. It was able to fill what I missed to learn in school and on duty. Their trainings were of high standards. It helped me be more competent at work.

with Doc Rusty, the founder/owner

Thank you for enhancing nursing and nurses :)


  1. Where exactly is it? I am interested. Thnks

  2. KB Arizona Condo at P Campa Sampaloc. Across UST. Im not sure if they are still there. I suggest you google it. The trainings are worth it :) Goodluck!

  3. Thank you for the training suggestion!

  4. Are trainings for nurses only??

    1. I'm not sure. I think it's better to get in touch with them :)