29 December 2011

A Part of Me

Our last communication was yesterday morning for only 44 seconds because he could barely speak. Just as usual, we ended our talk with "I love you".. suddenly.. today... My father is with our Creator.

Death is inevitable. You, me, each and every one of us will one day go to that direction no matter how we avoid, prevent or not want to. Today I am trying to reminisce and hold on to the very little good memories (which i can barely recall) that I spent with him. I know in my heart that I have set aside the miseries of the past a long time ago.

In spite of everything, I tried to support him in every way I can.  I honestly wanted him to have a better and comfortable life than to what he had. I tried to show love, provide comfort, send monthly allowance and support for his small business.

Before he passed away, I learned that he fell in love. To his daughter and to a woman who loved him in return. God is good for He gave him a chance to experience how to be a good father and a partner even if it was not with us.

His life is a lesson learned in a painful way... Why we shouldn't abuse our health. Why we should save for the future. Why we should not take for granted the people who loves us...

Daddy, I know that you are now at peace with God. Free from pain. No more agonies. No more worries. I know that you, together with Grandma and Grandpa whom I also love very dearly, are watching upon us. I love you. Goodbye for now. Till we meet again...


  1. He loved all the three of you in his own way...Mommy...

  2. Le mie piĆ¹ sincere condoglianze a te ,a tuo fratello , a tua sorella e tutta la vostra famiglia.

  3. Yes he did mom, he took the chance to love & did his best. He will always be a part of us and I love you Dad. Cha