26 December 2011

NCLEX - US Nursing Licensure Exam

When I took up nursing in the Philippines, there is this trend that doctors shift to nursing (seriously!). It may sound odd but it's true. Nursing has become a pass to work abroad.

The process in applying for a NY license was very long and expensive.

NCLEX was another challenge. It is a computer based exam to assess your nursing skills to acquire a US license. I reviewed in KAPLAN Manila. I bought a lot of books (which I honestly read every single page). I enrolled in NC- CLEX Manila (they have superb trainings that helped me in the exam). I purchased review DVD's which I converted to Ipod compatible movies and MP3's (it was very comfy especially when traveling). And I was one of those guys reviewing in Starbucks from sunrise to sunset. Most importantly, I prayed.

All these plus my determination to pass, my family's support and His guidance helped me pass the exam.

I took the exam at Pearson Makati. It was a multiple choice type. There was no definite number of items to be answered because the computer determines when to stop assessing the examiners nursing competency. 

My computer shuts down after I answered 75 questions. No clue if I passed or failed. Again, this was the agony of waiting.

After a few weeks, I availed the online result (which I had to pay extra). I was very happy that my efforts paid off when I saw the results.


  1. yes, still a long, long way to go. i can relate coz my sister is also a nurse. i am not sure though if it still advisable to work in US nowadays. you know, their economic status and stuff. but congrats :)

  2. Hi McRICH

    I agree with you that US is not on the top list of places to migrate. I have submitted our immigrant visa application in 2009 and until now, still pending :(