20 November 2011

St. Pierre Island, Seychelles

St. Pierre is well known for snorkeling. We hired a private boat to get in the area. The boat rent comes with the complimentary use of snorkeling gear but I brought our own for hygienic reasons. Since we are a family of 4, these snorkeling stuff took a lot of space in our baggage. 

snorkeling @ St. Pierre Island, Seychelles

St. Pierre was not far from Paradise Sun Hotel. We were picked up right in front of the hotel. Once we got there, the water was a bit rough so my younger son was hesitant at first but he was ok when he saw how stunning it was underwater. We brought bread with us to make sure the marine creatures come closer to us. After a while, they were all around us that made us enjoy the trip even when we were already on the boat.

on the way to St. Pierre


St Pierre Island is a raised reef island west of Providence Atoll and part of Farquhar Group, which belongs to the Outer Islands of the Seychelles. The island is located 35 km (19 nautical miles) west of Cerf Island of Providence Atoll, 704 km (380 nmi) from Mahé and 500 km (270 nmi) ENE of Aldabra. The island is nearly circular, 1.6 km (0.99 mi) east-west by 1.4 km (0.87 mi) north-south, with a land area of 1.68 km2(0.65 sq mi). St. Pierre has a gently sloping seabed on the exposed southeastern coast and a steep drop off on the northwest, where the fringing reef is all but absent. It is uninhabited, and indeed in modern times all but uninhabitable. There is a derelict jetty at the ruined settlement on the north west shore, which is accessible by boat in the calmest weather only. (source: Wikipedia)