14 November 2011

Iceland Waterpark, Ras Al Kaimah, UAE

11-11-11 in Iceland Waterpark. It is the largest waterpark in UAE. It is located in Ras Al Kaimah (one of the 7 Emirates in UAE), about 100km from Dubai. On our way, I was fascinated with the tranquility of the place. We were surrounded by desert, mountains and sea. Ras Al Kaimah is known for the beauty of it's nature.

There is a big area for free parking in front. Entrace fee to the waterpark is 180 AED for adults and 100 AED for children below 1.2m in height. There are charges for towels, lockers and souvenir pictures. They have cabana's for rent (with sofa and A/C) for 1,200 AED. I think  the Cabanas are expensive because they cost more than an overnight stay in a hotel. 

There are not too many people when we visited the waterpark (which is good) so there are no lines to take the slides. I read a couple of write ups and heard some stories from our friends that it was dirty and not worth the visit. I think it's basically clean, safe (there were lifeguards around) and I found it kind of relaxing. Probably it's different during peak season.

There are igloo like cottages with 6 chairs each. I tried to look for an area with sun bathing chairs but it seems that they don't have them so don't expect to enjoy sunbathing while reading your favorite book. 

We found a Filipino Restaurant inside the waterpark. Kusina ni Nanay (Mother's Kitchen) serves Filipino dishes like tapsailog (fried rice, fried beef, egg), beef steak, chopseuy (mixed veggies), main con yelo and halo halo. 

There is also Food Village where thay sell pizza, pasta and other stuff.

There are souvenir shops around the park and at the entrance area.

We've been to Aquaventure and Wild Wadi which are both waterparks in Dubai. I asked my kids if which was better among the 3. My 8 year old liked Iceland while my elder one prefered Aquaventure in The Palm, Jumeirah. For me.. it's still Aquaventure.


  1. Hi caleen, found your link through peba :)

    I just wonder how you are able to juggle travel, family, work & photography. And the places youve gone with are really awesome (maldives/seychelles)!

    Hope you dont mind me asking, how much is it for Seychelles or Maldives for a trip?

    sorry but thanks and more power on your blog!

  2. Hi McRich, I also actually sometimes wonder how I pull it off. I guess with proper time management and prioritization.

    Seychelles and Maldives are adorable. Unfortunately, I was not able to keep track on how much we spent. Airlines fare, the 2 are basically the same. Hotel, depends on the hotel but Seychelles has more options for less expensive accommodations. Food, Maldives is more expensive because of limited choices of resort restaurants. 

    Thank you for dropping by :)

  3. Wow Iceland water park looks like a fun place for kids and adults alike! Your family looks like they had a great time, me and my family usually go to this place near us called the Great Wolf Lodge. We always have a good time there but we might have to plan a trip to this water park this summer!


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