19 October 2011

Mt. Arayat, Pampanga

Mt. Arayat view from my grandparents' place

After years of working, my grandparents decided to spend their retirement in Sta. Ana, Pampanga. The place is a very rural area in the Philippines and is the town next to Arayat, Pampanga. Farming is the main livelihood of the people. Some farmers still use carabaos instead of tractors. The way of living is very simple. My grandparents do not even have a telephone line or an internet connection (but they have mobile phones). It is a very relaxing place and very close to nature.

The view of the Mt. Arayat is stunning. The mountain is around 20 minutes drive from my grandparents' place. People who want to visit the mountain can take the North Luzon Expressway and can either take the San Simon or San Fernando Exit in Pampanga.

At the foot of the mountain, there is a swimming resort where fresh mountain water fills the pool. The water could be very cold especially during the months of December and January. There are also mountain climbers who come to visit the mountain. One needs to register with the officials at the foot of the mountain before you can go and make your trekking. This is a way of monitoring the people who come and go to at least know that there are no mountaineers trapped especially during bad weather. 

Farming as the major means of living


  1. Hi, we would love to visit this place. How can we get here from Manila? Are there hotels or pension houses nearby?

    1. Hi. You can reach Mt. Arayat by bus from Manila. I know that the nearest hotels are in San Fernando, Pampanga. Enjoy! :)

  2. wow San Pablo Sta.Ana ang place na ito kung hindi ako nagkakamali ganda ng view sa amin yan wow ganda!