30 October 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Walkathon, Dubai

me and my boys
Last October 28 2011, we joined the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Walkathon in Dubai UAE. It was organized by Burjuman Mall. We paid 50 AED each and 30 AED each for the kids. A shirt and a cap were given upon registration. Proceeds will go to programs in spreading awareness on breast cancer.

We were at the meeting point 7am and the place was already full with people who will join the event. White, black, fair, old, young, men, women, children and even babies (in strollers of course) were there. It was an event where I saw that people from all walks of life can be together if they believe in the cause.

There were also some who wrote names on their shirts, dedicating their walk to a cancer patients or survivor. They were a friend, mother or a sister of a breast cancer victim/survivor. My kids were asking me why so many people joined. I explained to them that it is a way of catching attention and making people aware about breast cancer. Personally we don't know anybody with breast cancer but it can happen to anybody. Awareness is important because survival rate increases if detected early.

Pink balloons were released before the event

lotsa balloons

Rob Idol entertaining the crowd before the walkathon

my boys

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