02 August 2011

Lucca, Tuscany

Walls of Lucca

Lucca in Tuscany is famous for its intact Renaissance-era city walls. The walls were said to be used for defense purposes during the local wars in Italy. The walls are now used for pedestrian and bicycle lanes. They are also surrounded by different species of trees that gives the commune a green community. 



We stayed at Seminario Hotel. Amazingly, the interior was very modern with a high speed internet connection. It is a must that a tourist carries a map because you can get lost because everything seemed to look the same. I woke up early and walked around Lucca. I finished going around and taking pictures in about 2 hours. 

Streets of Lucca


There are good restaurants in Lucca who serve the city's specialties. 

most famous cafe in Lucca

Restaurant in Lucca

Sights to See

There are many richly built medieval basilica-form churches in Lucca with rich arcaded fa├žades and campaniles, a few as old as the 8th century.


Puccini's Hometown


with my sister in Lucca

Sight to see text source: wikipedia

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