22 July 2011

Shopping in Paris

We went shopping near the Louvre Museum during our last day in Paris. I bought bags, clothes and some accessories for the kids. I noticed that some prices are cheaper compared to Dubai, Philippines and Italy even if the items were not on sale. Maybe because some brands are originally from Paris. 

with our dog Fitch :)
We looked for souvenirs that I can give my friends back home, we found this Chinese shop who sells them at a very very cheap price. I bought 3 dozen of gold, silver and bronze Eiffel Tower keychains for only 4 Euros. If you will actually buy them from people who sells around the tower, they cost 1 Euro each. 

Near the area where we bought the souvenirs were Chinese Restaurants. The kids insisted that we eat rice meals (well we Filipinos eat rice everyday). We ate at Temple Celeste which served really good Chinese food. We ordered vegetable and plain rice, fish, legumes, pork and coffee. The bill was only 52 Euro for the 4 of us.

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