18 July 2011

Marhaba Lounge at Dubai International Airport

Marhaba Lounge Dubai International Airport Terminal 1

Spending boring time in the airports was a thing in past. We often stay at Marhaba Lounges in Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 and 3 while waiting for our flights. Meals, snacks, deserts, drinks and liquors are available. There is also wireless internet.

I find Marhaba Lounge in terminal 3 better compared to the terminal 1. Food is better. There are internet ready computers. There are sofas available where taking a rest is more comfortable but flight informations are only showed in a monitor unlike in the Marhaba Lounge termial 1 where they are announced. So it is better to sound an alarm for you to be reminded of your flight in case you will fall asleep.

Flight Status at Marhaba Lounge Dubai International Airport Terminal 1