22 July 2011

Disneyland Paris

When we first visited France in August 2009, it rained almost everyday. So I made sure that I bring the kids to Disneyland Paris on our next visit. So prior to our 2010 trip, I purchased online tickets where in the dates were flexible (just to make sure that we visit the park on nice weather conditions).

There are 2 Disneyland attractions in Paris. One is Disneyland Studio which is more on rides and the other is the Disneyland Park where they feature more of the shows and Disney characters.

Getting there
We went there by metro. It was very easy since it's the last stop for RER A Metro. We bought roundtrip tickets so we will not wait in queue in case there would be a lot of people purchasing tickets on our way back. The tickets cost 7 Euro one way for adults and I think 4 Euro one way for children below 10 years old. Tickets are valid even if we exchanged trains. Keep the tickets because there were some train stations where you have to exit and enter again.


I suggest that you purchase the tickets online because they are far cheaper than buying them at the Disneyland gates. The cheapest was 30 Euro for 1 day/1 park and should be booked at a fixed date. I didn't purchase this because weather in Paris is very unpredictable even if we check the weather forecast. Next was the 41 Euro 1 day / 1 park which is valid for 7 days from the chosen date. Then they have the 51 Euro 1 day / 2 parks which is also valid for 7 days from the chosen date. I purchased the 51 Euro to have the flexibility of choosing a good day to visit the park. There are also tickets that are valid for 3,4,5 days and annual pass which i think most French has.

Make sure to print the tickets that will be sent through email. Also don't forget to bring valid ID's even for the kids because it is a requirement. Good thing I was bringing photocopiesof our passports.

There were a lot of restaurants to choose from specially at the Disneyland Park. We had hotdog sandwiches, fries, sodas and ice cream which cost us around 50 Euro for 4 persons.

There are also food stands around. We bought popcorn for 9 Euro that was in a souvenir Mickey Mouse container. It is refillable for only 5 Euro. If you will have the regular size popcorn with water, it only cost 6 euro.

Crepe is one thing that my elder son can't do without. There are also crepe stands and he had finished 4 chocolate crepes at 3 Euro each.

Shops are found mostly at the Mainland USA side of Disneyland Park but we opted to do the shopping at the Disney Village which is located in between the 2 parks. There are also restaurants, Planet Hollywood and Imax.



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