23 June 2011

Transportation in Seychelles

Seychelles International Airport

Check in counters - Seychelles International Airport

International Flights

Mahe is the Island where the Seychelles International Airport is located. We booked our return direct flights with Emirates Airlines.

Arrival @ Seychelles International Airport

Mahe Island  to Praslin Island

port in Mahe

To travel to the island of Praslin, we travelled thru Cat Cocos ferry. I booked the economy tickets online prior to our travel. Payment is made at their office at the port at least an hour before the boat departs.

Cat Cocos office in Mahe port

upper deck

There was a small bar at the back side of the seats on the lower deck.  Sandwiches and drinks were sold for a reasonable price. There was also a TV in front to entertain mainly the kids because cartoons were being shown.

lower deck

The duration of the trip took around an hour. All four of us didn't like the experience. I thought it was a rough ride. The lady beside me got sea sick. Good thing there were sea sick bags in every chair.

Praslin to Mahe

Air Seychelles

When I tried to book a Mahe-Praslin return trip with Cat Cocos ferry, I was advised to book one way because the return trip will be rough. I honestly didn't know if it was true or not but I decided not to take any chances so I booked our Praslin-Mahe with Air Seychelles at 400USD for the 4 of us. I only realized that I have done the right thing after our experience with the ferry (a rough ride).

my son watching the pilots do their job

I am not a fan of flying specially with smaller planes. It was a Twin Otter plane. It was only a 19 seater. At first I was really nervous but the travel was really smooth. My youger son was seated at the back of the pilots and enjoyed the 15 minute trip.

Praslin Airport waiting area


Buses are mostly the means of transport of the locals. One way costs 5 Seychelles Rupees regardless of how far you will go. Children are charged 2 Rupees. Buses are not airconditioned but with the fair weather, we enjoyed the experience.

Bus Stop

bus stop in Praslin


Cars are right hand drive. It is opposite from what we use in the Philippines or Dubai so we decided to take the cab bacause we were not used to it. Cars for rent can be arranged with the hotel.


Rates in taxi are usually negotiated with the driver before you go. It is advised that you bring along your Rupees but you can pay in Euro.

Private Car/Bus Tour

During our stay in Mahe, I arranged a private tour. It was better than tagging along with many tourists because we can ask the guide to go to particular places that we wanted to see or not to see.

Private Boat Tour

Travelling from Praslin to the other nearby islands like Cousin, Curieuse and St. Pierre was only by boat. We asked the hotel to book a boat for us to visit islands. Booking from the hotel is more advisable because I read a couple of experiences from other tourists that they lost some stuffs during their boat trip because they just booked from those boat guys near the beach.


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