27 June 2011

Beach Trip Around Mahe with Discovery Agri Tours

Our Emirates Airlines flight arrived at Mahe International Airport at 6:45 AM and our Cat Cocos ferry to Praslin wasn't scheduled until 4:00PM. I actually inquired with Cat Cocos before our arrival if we can make it to the 7:30am departure of the boat but I was informed that it wasn't possible to make it on the port on time so we had no choice but to take the late afternoon trip since there we only 2 scheduled boats that day. I decided to book a private Mahe tour to spend some time on the Island while waiting for our boat trip.

Visa is on arrival in Seychelles, the immigration officer will ask for the confirmed hotel booking and return ticket. Alot 1 hour to pass the immigration and get your baggage.

We were met at the airport by our tour guide Alrick of Discovery Agri Tours. He was a local Seychoilles. Born and raised in Seychelles.

Aldrick tried his best to let us remember the names of the beach but because there we too much, i only remembered my favorite Anse Major. The beaches were undeniably fascinating but the others stood up because of the white powdery sand.


My son enjoying the water

Banyan Tree Resort


  1. Hi Caleen, what a fantastic vacation you had! I enjoyed your photos/trip report with your lovely family. My wife and I are celebrating our 15th year anniversary in Seychelles this coming Jan 2012. We will be staying mostly in Praslin but we would like to explore Mahe on our last day and I was wondering I you could give me some assistance :-)
    BTW, my name is Rommel and I live in Quezon City and just like your family we love to travel. I have a 14 yo daughter but she will not be tagging along this time because its our anniversary vacation. Anyway, we will be arriving in Mahe from Praslin on Jan 16 at 9am and we plan to explore Victoria by renting a car (ingat lang ako since they drive on the left side of the road) After exploring Male that morning we will then check-in at Constance Ephelia by 2pm and bring back the rental car to the airport by 6am the following day Jan 17 at 7:40am flight home. How did you and your family go around Mahe? What are the must see places in Mahe aside from the beaches? Thanks eto lang muna medyo mahaba na eh. Salamat :-) Rommel

  2. Hi. Congratulations on your anniversary :)

    Victoria is a very small place, in 15 minutes we finished going around the city. There's nothing much to see there. Aside from the beaches in Mahe, I enjoyed our trip on the way to Mission Lodge (top of the mountain) . The view of Seychelles was stunning when we were halfway the mountain. I have pictures of the view from this link.. http://ingbieku.blogspot.com/2011/06/seychelles-paradise.html

    We went around Mahe with Discovery Agri Tours (private tour) Aldrick, our guide was a local of Seychelles so he knew the places to visit. (I have some blog posts on the places we visited in Mahe) It's free pick up and drop off. I think the private tour was a good idea because we were able to relax and didn't worry if we get lost or if we miss something that we wanted to see. I think this will also make the most of your limited time in Mahe. I'm sure you and your wife will have a great time :)