19 April 2011

Where to get the Best (and cheap) Waffles in Belgium

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I basically ate waffles for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Belgian Waffles are really a great deal. The best I have tasted were from Leonida's. In addition to waffles, they also specialize in Belgian Chocolates.

waffles with whipped cream, fresh strawberry, banana and nutella spread

 Their waffles are only for 1 euro each. But if you add more flavors and toppings then the price goes up. They are freshly made and served warm. There are a lot of times that queue is long but it's worth the wait. The kids had a good time because they see nutella all around. 

Leonida's display window

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  1. I have seen a lot of pictures of such waffles in Internet. People say that the waffles are so delicious and that they are worth its price.