19 April 2011

Where to Get the Best Mussels in Brussels

Best Mussels from Chez Léon
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During our stay in Brussels, we ate at different restaurants and in my opinion the best mussels were the one we ate at Chez Léon Restaurant. They were so good that I ate one whole serving (which i rarely do). I don't know how they cook the mussels but you can really differentiate the taste from other restos. 

The restaurant was always full with customers. It is a 2 storey establishment. There are pictures all around the place. It may be noisy at some time but everybody doesn't seem to mind because they are all enjoying the great food. We ordered Mussels Marinières and Chips, Mussels in white Wine with Chips, Steak, Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce, Fries, Draught beers, Ice cream Truffle with Chocolate.

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