20 April 2011

Island Hopping @ Maldives

We booked a half day island hopping tour at our hotel. We left the resort right after breakfast and hopped on board a local mechanized 'Dhoni' (boat) and sailed away across the North Male’ Atoll to explore the other islands.

on board a "dhoni"

The Maldives Islands are without a doubt adoringly beautiful that's why travelers would want to see more of these marvelous islands and experience more of all they have to offer. The Maldives boast a profusion of both inhabited and uninhabited islands for you to indulge your dreams of island hopping. 

an island with only 1 coconut tree :)


We visited a local island and discovered Maldivians at work and experience their island lifestyle.  Swings and bench like (made of ropes) seats are found all around the island where the locals gather. 

tour around the local village

short break after a long walk

water tanks are installed in almost all the houses to gather rain water

One island was where the fishermen unload their catch. Here we witnessed how much yellow fin tuna they get. After they remove the tuna from the chillers, they weigh them and load them on trucks ready for delivery. The yellow fin tuna there were the biggest that I saw so far. Some were even heavier than than me.

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