20 April 2011

Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

view of Eiffel Tower from the Rou de Paris

I was supposed to purchase our Eiffel Tower tour via their online website but my brother said that it was better if we buy from the tower to make sure that the weather was good. The Weather in Paris when we visited there last August of 2010 was unpredictable. We left the house with umbrellas and when we reached Eiffel Tower, the sun was up. 

There are ticket offices at the Eiffel Tower. The queue was long. You can choose to take the first, second or top floor. The kids chose the top floors. You can go up using the lifts or stairs. The lifts (there are 3 of them) will take the tourists to the first and second floors that are 115 meters high. Since the kids wanted to go to the top floor, then changing to a glass lift at the second floor is required.

The way up in a glass lift gives a stunning panoramic view of Paris. The top viewing floor of Eiffel Tower has 2 levels. One has an open air and the other is under a roof. There are panoramic maps where you can locate your distance from major cities of the world.

view from the Top Floor of the Eiffel Tower

view from the Top Floor of the Eiffel Tower

At the foot of the tower, there were dancer who entertained us with their great skills and stunts. They were bringing their own speakers. They performed a hip-hop dance. after their performance they asked for monetary donations.

There are also some snack stands around the tower.

Street Dancers entertain the tourist at the Eiffel Tower 

Watch our Paris, France video:

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