15 April 2011

Chocolate Museum - Brussels, Belgium

Our kids who love chocolates insisted that we visit the Chocolate Museum in Brussels. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 6:30 pm. We paid 5.50 euro each and the kids for free. They gave us a brochure after paying. Before the start of the tour inside the museum, there is a complimentary chocolate tasting. 

Chocolate museum website   http://www.mucc.be/EN/index_en.htm

complimentary chocolate tasting

demo on chocolate making

display of different kinds of chocolates - free tasting :)
There is a station of display of different kids of chocolates. white, milk, black and so on.. again everybody is welcome to taste them. One thing I enjoyed most is the live chocolate making demo that is administered by one of their staff who was working with the museum for a very long time. Again, complimentary tasting. 

The second floor of the museum basically show the origin of cocoa and how they look like. THe museum is small but it's worth a visit specially for kids.

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