06 February 2011

Nursing - My Calling

I never imagined when I was young that I would turn up to be a nurse. After giving birth to my youngest, my mom told me to take up nursing. I was hesitant but I took the course anyway. 

I was in second year college when we went to a small community in Cavite, Philippines for our Related Learning Experience. My partner Kamei and I were assigned to a family of 5. They lived near a creek. Their house was made of yero (a metal frame used as a roof). They didn't have any appliances except for a small TV. They needed to get woods from the nearby forest to use for cooking. They have an improvised toilet where everything goes directly to the creek. They wash their clothes in the creek. The father had no stable job but he said that he takes whatever decent job was available. 

We had to eat with them. We brought canned luncheon meat and corned beef for lunch because Kamei and I didn't have time to bring cooked food. When I took the canned goods out to prepare for cooking, the 3 kids jumped with joy. They said that at last, they were going to eat something delicious for lunch. We ate together on the floor. 

After lunch the children took my hand and said that they wanted to show us around their community. 

On the way home, I was crying. I was touched with what I saw. We made a reaction paper the next day. I was asked to read mine in class. I was crying while reading it. It was a very humbling experience. There are times that we tend to oversee what we have and complain about what we don't have.. yet with their simple life.. they know how to appreciate.. We, a lot of times take for granted what we have. 

After a few weeks, our interaction with them had to end. On our last day, when the bus was almost about to leave, the children came up and brought a papaya for me to take home while thanking me and Kamei. We hugged and thanked them in return. They just don't know how much they changed my outlook in life. I promised myself that I will be God's instrument in helping people like them. It may not be direct.. But I will in one way or the other..

After 2 long years, I went back to their community.. Guess what? They still knew my name :)

I took the nursing course for four years. I tried my best to make it to the scholarship to lessen financial burdens. There were times when I had to bring my kids to school because there was no one to take care of them. I was 10 years older than my classmates but that didn't stop me to finish the course.. I graduated with honors.. I didn't do it only because I wanted to help my family.. But to help others as well.. 

Assisting Dr. Koztaz (Greece)

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