14 February 2011

Meeting Girls

Our mothers were friends even when we were still inside their womb. We were born of the same year and some went to the same school. Meeting Girls is what our male friends called us because when we wanted to meet and play when we were young.. there was a specific place to meet. 

Years passed.. from voltes five to carebears to smurfs to simpsons.. we all lived our own life and through the years there were times that we didn't have any communication at all.. there were times that we fight among ourselves and we thought that we hated each other so much.. there were times when someone is down,we just drink till we don't have the energy to drink anymore.. 

There are actually A LOT of chismosa (people who don't have anything better to do but talk nonsense gossips) who almost destroyed our friendship. These insecured people don't have a chance in destroying a friendship that was built for 30+ years.

Until now, the struggles in life are still there. There are times that we still don't understand each other. but the good thing is that we have each other in spite of misunderstandings. This is the story of friendship of the meeting girls :)

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