10 February 2011

Being There

In my life, I have proven that real friends are those who are there when your world seemed to turn upside down. There are some of them whom I don't even see anymore but deep in my heart, I thank them for being there when I needed them the most. 

There were some people whom I thought were my friends only to find out that instead of helping.. they turn their back and judge you as if they themselves are perfect.. 

When I cried.. when I was down.. My real friends reached out, accepted me and made me witness the absolute beauty of friendship. They helped me keep things in perspective. To these people, the love and care you shared to me may be a simple deed for you.. but to me.. it meant a lot. 

To my friends and their family.. reggie, uncle boy, anet, joon, geng, tony, mike, dan (R.I.P.), elmer, kuya marlon, dang tita, ajang, vicky, lorie, mader, kulot, jaq, mhay, rhue, padey, rhia, nhing, ate liza, ate edna, kika, grace, eloisa, jay, charisma, drew, tina, ditton, sheena, macky, dan, catz, jigs, barbie...

To grandma, my brother, my sister and my mom. And of course my husband  :)

Thank you all for being there. Each and everyone of you touched my life in the most amazing way.

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