13 January 2011

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

The first time we went to Italy in 2007, we drove our way to Pisa but it was more fun during our second trip there with the kids where in we took the train. I booked our train tickets online via Trenitalia.it.. When I booked the tickets, I was given the option of printing them or receive an SMS. I availed the one with the SMS message. I was just worried that my mobile would turn up low batteries so I sent the message to my husband.

2007 Pisa visit

2007 visit

The thing is trains in Italy are mostly not on time that's why we had to wait for a while. The trains were clean and nice. There was a bar where they served sandwiches and drinks. There was a Mc Donald's at the Pisa train stop. 

I noticed that during our trip last 2007, tourists are allowed to stay on the grass part but in our 2010 trip, sadly tourists are not allowed anymore.

with my sister and mom

All along I thought that the Leaning tower of Pisa was only walking distance from the train station. I read a lot of reviews and blogs regarding tourists' experiences and there were some who said that you can actually walk to get there. The Filipino staff at Mc Donald's instructed us to buy bus tickets in a tabaccheria (a cigarette shop outside the train station). Then right after we got out of the train station, we crossed the street to wait for the bus.  We validated our tickets and were valid if we use them within an hour. The bus stop was right in front of the Baptistry of Church. It was amazing how much people were there.

inside Baptistry of Church


 Souvenir shops were everywhere. The items were also not that expensive. My younger son collects magnets while the elder one collects snow balls so we basically knew what to buy. 

Going back to the station was easy since we knew what bus to take. Good thing we were only bringing our backpacks with us so we didn't really had problems with our things. It was a quick stop over in Pisa because our hotel bookings are in Rome which was our next destination.

2010 visit

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