23 January 2011

Go Green - NOW!!!

Last year I joined gogreen.ae ambassador program. It's mission is to reach as many people to spread the word about saving our environment. It should start with ourselves. Walk the Talk. I know people are now more aware of the effects of global warming. It is not deniable that snow blizzards are more devastating. Floods are widespread. Heat during summer is getting intolerable (specially here in Dubai). I used to think that the movie 2012 is an exaggerated one but now I think that nothing is impossible if people won't start thinking about a long term way to show mother earth that we truly care. 

When I watched discovery science, I was amazed when people were able to find ways to live in water in case all land forms will be submerged in water. I hope that beyond this inventions, people should think more of prevention rather than cure. 

The right time to act is NOW!


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