11 January 2011

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tickets to Ferrari world depends if you want the premier ticket (VIP) or the regular one. The VIP tickets cost like 150 AED more than the regular. Kids and adults also have different rates depending on the height. Food and drinks are not allowed. There are restos inside.

G-Force was close when we visited the theme park that's why they gave us discounts with the entrance  tickets. The Formula Rossa (fastest coaster in the world) was also under maintenance from 4pm to 6pm. We went to the coaster first to make sure that we can try it before the time it will be temporarily close. We went there on a weekday so the line is not that long. I heard stories that sometimes waiting time is as long as 2 hours specially on weekends. 

Formula Rossa. It was my first time to ride a roller coster so i really had no point of reference with the experience. It was really a blast! I thought that I was going to be thrown out off my seat. My younger son wan't able to come with us because the height limit was 130 cm. He was 10 cm short. 

The kids had a great time with the karts. There was a driving lesson before they are allowed to drive. They can even get a driver's license. Since the place wasn't packed when we came, they returned to the tracks as they wish. 

We visited the Ferrari gallery which showcased Ferrari's top and vintage cars.

We also tried the different attractions but they were not as awesome compared to the roller coaster. The theme park is really for kids. Not too much for the adults except for the Formula Rossa.

We ate our snacks at the pit stop. They offer burger, fries and drinks. At dinner time we ate at an international cuisine resto. Drinks are available everywhere and are not that expensive. Souvenir shops are also around.

Click Video to view our Ferrari World visit.

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