13 January 2011

Breuil Cervinia, Italy

During our visit to Italy, we had the chance to go to Breuil Cervinia. It was summer but the temperature was cold since we were near the Alps. It was a really nice view on the way there but since I was not used to driving through the mountains, I got a bit dizzy. 

When we got there, we went straight to the ticketing office for the cable cars to us to reach the Alps. 

We purchased the tickets with food included. Our destination was Ponte Rossa. It was actually a part of Switzerland. The trip was so amazing. It was also very relaxing. 

A line that separates Italy and Switzerland. 

The resto on top of the Alps was jammed pack with skiers. 

taken during our 2007 visit:

me and my sis

taken during our 2010 visit: 

There were also a couple of souvenir shops around the area. They were a bit costly but as we walked near the parking lots, some stuffs got cheaper. 

At the Park

Park on the way to Breuil Cervinia


  1. Breathaking view of nature! Thanks for sharing

  2. How far this place from milan?

  3. wow ang ganda ng mga photos mo, I was there last March balot na balot pa ng snow and mountains :)