13 January 2011

Boracay, Philippines - A World Class Beauty and Hospitality

Among the tourist spots in the Philippines, Boracay is one place you shouldn't miss. It never ceases to amaze me. When we went there in 2001, it was not as developed as it is today but the beauty is still the same. 

During our 2009 trip, we booked our tickets online via Philippine Airlines to Kalibo but in 2011, Cebu Pacific to Caticlan (nearer to Boracay). 

Kalibo airport was around 1.5 hours by car/bus to Caticlan and about 20 minute boat ride to Boracay Island. We were checked in at Le Soleil de Boracay. There was free transfer from the airport to the hotel. The check in was fast since I booked via internet and paid everything in advance.

Aside from the powdery white sand, blue water, great food, fun water sports, wide array of hotels and restaurants... the thing I love most about Boracay are the people. There was one time when we visited the Island and my brother dropped his wallet somewhere, the person who found it readily returned it and didn't want anything in return. He was a working as an assistant to the boat driver.

a hotel in Boracay by night

There was another visit when we lost our luggage. We were surprised that after a few hours, the concierge called us that they were able to locate it. Nothing was missing and apparently a tourist with the same luggage color mistakenly took it. 

A guaranteed fun!

Boracay is not only an amazing place.. more to it are the amazing people.

It's definitely more fun in the Philippines.

Activities to do

Swimming (of course)


Click link for our parasailing experience


Walking our way to the BIG ZORB BALL

Inside the ball.. Fun!

We tried being run into by the Zorb

While waiting for the ball to run over our back

Fly Fish

Island Hopping


A buko (young coconut)  vendor in the middle of the water :)

Personalized Sand Castle 

Visit to the Grotto

Shopping and Dining at the Talipapa (Market)

At the Talipapa, you can buy seafoods at the Market and have them cooked (depending on how you want) by the restaurants around the area. 

Bars and Buffet Dining at Boracay beachfront

Choose among the fresh seafoods - they cook - enjoy eating :)

Live bands

Beachfront Bars

Henna or Permanent Tattoo

Human Statues for Picture Taking

Fire Dancing


  1. How go boracay from abu dhabi?????

    1. Hi. You can take Etihad Airways direct flight to Manila. Also book a plane ticket from Manila to Caticlan (about 1hour flight). From Caticlan, a 20 minute boat ride will take you to Boracay. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Nice review and pictures of your stay. When is the best time to visit????

    1. Thanks for appreciating the blog. For me, December to around May is the best time. Lesser rainfalls. Enjoy!

    2. Great blog with nice photos, I was checking your hotel reviews and i saw this. I want to visit philipines soon and i want to see this place.

    3. Hi. You will surely enjoy your stay. It's more fun in the Philippines :)

  3. Very beautiful place , I will bring family for vacation.

    1. I guarantee that you and your family will have a great time! Enjoy!

  4. Absolutely, Boracay is a very beautiful place wherein any families, circle of friends and colleagues will have a great time there.

    le soleil de boracay

  5. a paradise indeed, you got all the reasons to love this island. it's definitely fun going there!