12 December 2010

Paris, France

Last August, we went to Paris for a 1 week tour to visit my brother. It was our trip after Italy. My brother and his fiance lived near the train station which was a good thing because getting around was easier with the metro. I don't know how to speak French so I let my brother and sister do the talking. In the metro, you can save by buying tickets tens or dozen i think and the ones for the kids cost lower. 

We went to Eiffel Tower the day we arrived. My kids were very excited. I was afraid of heights so they went up to the top with their grandparents. They queue was really long. While waiting for them, there were group of dancers who performed. They were really good. There were also a lot of souvenir vendors. They sell like 5 miniature Eiffel Tower for 1 Euro. The next time i come to Paris, I would buy there instead of the stores because the shops cost more expensive where in they are just of the same quality. The ice cream right at the foot of the Eiffel Tower was also better than the ones who are selling across the street. 

We were supposed to go to Paris Disneyland but due to heavy rains, we decided that it's not worth it since it's mostly outdoor entertainment.

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