10 December 2010

My Entertainer Voucher Book 2011

I subscribed for a 1 year daily delivery of The National newspaper here in Dubai and they gave me a free Entertainer Book upon payment. The newspaper costs 300AED and the free Entertainer Family 2011 cost 350AED if you'll buy it. So it's like i saved 50 from the book with a free 1 year subscription of The National. Entertainer is a voucher book here in Dubai. Everything is buy 1 take 1. It has vouchers for dining, leisure and entertainments. 

I have the Entertainer 2010. Early this year, we went to Wild Wadi. It's a famous water park in Dubai. Entrance cost 200AED if I'm not mistaken. There were 6 of us so we had to pay 1,200AED but instead of paying the full price, we only paid 600AED and the vouchers. 

The dining vouchers are from a lot of establishments here. You can use them in the malls, hotels and restaurants. 

I always tell my friends and relatives who visit Dubai to purchase one. We really save a great deal from it. Good thing is that for next year, I got it for free :)

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