11 November 2010

Career VS Family

There are certain points in our life where we need to make choices. Career or Family? Women who now play a big part of the workforce mostly deal with it. There are some who prioritize to pursue their career while there are others who feel that family should be more important. 

It is without any question that both play key roles in our life. Career provides us the means to live. It also provides us success and recognition. It is also one way to help others financially. However, there are others who claim that money, power and fame can be regained if lost but not family. 

I think this is actually not an issue, women can work and be mothers at the same time but there are instances that they are left with no choice but to take one and leave one. Whatever people choose is not a question of right or wrong. I believe that whatever women think is best for their children, that they will decide to do. 

My mother worked all her life since we were born. There were times that we don't even see her anymore because work keeps her busy but that doesn't mean that she chose career over us. It means that she sacrificed her time being with us to provide us the best future she can offer. I never thought that my mom was selfish for not spending time with us. I even admired her for standing up and taking the responsibility bringing us up alone. She did not choose between career or family. She simply made a decision thinking of us and our future.

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