17 January 2019

How to Apply for a Japanese Tourist Visa in the Philippines

My brother and I decided to visit Japan to fulfill our childhood bucket list but I wasn't able to apply for my Japanese Tourist Visa prior our departure in Italy because we were supposed to travel to Singapore and Philippines in a week. Good thing for him he doesn't need a visa because he is an Italian citizen but as for me, I had no choice but to apply for a visa when we arrive in the Philippines. 

After I received the bank certificate I requested from BPI (I got it in 15 mins), I immediately went to Attic Tours at SM The Block to apply for a Japanese Tourist Visa. There were a couple of visa application counters but the lady seated nearest to the entrance was the most accommodating :)

28 October 2018

How to Apply for a South Korea Tourist Visa in Milan, Italy

Most Filipinos are fond of Kdramas, Kpop music, Korean cosmetics and Korean food, that's why South Korea has become one of the top destinations for Filipinos. South Korea is around 4 hours flight from Manila, so for Filipino citizens in Italy who wants to visit South Korea on their way back home, this post will guide you on how to apply for a South Korean tourist visa for Filipinos in Milan, Italy.

location of South Korea Consulate in Milan (photo credits to Google Maps)

26 October 2018

A Day in Portofino, Italy

We first saw Portafino in Andrea Bocelli's music video when he had a concert by the bay. Portofino is a well known high end destination in Italy. A nightly hotel stay in the centre costs around 400 Euros.

Ferrari's parked by the bay

Portofino Parking
There is only one parking near the bay of Portofino and it is the most expensive parking I've seen so far. It costs 5.50 Euro per hour. The parking space is so small that I don't recommend it to those with SUVs.

16 October 2018

Travel Guide to Florence, Italy

We first went to Florence last 2007 and the highlight of our travel then was the Uffizi Gallery. Now it's more on food trip, walking tour and Pitti Palace. Here are a some suggested activities that you might be interested in when in Florence.

12 October 2018

AAPC Webinars Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for AAPC Membership Renewal

It's been 2 years since I took the AAPC CPC exam in Abu Dhabi, UAE and now it's time to renew my membership but 33 CEUs are required unlike the first year renewal where it can be renewed without the CEUs.

29 September 2018

Museum of the Shroud in Turin, Italy

The Shroud of Turin is a long white cloth on which an image of a man and is believe to be Jesus'. The cost for the entrance in the Museum is 6 Euro which includes an audio guide.

30 July 2018

Get Captivated by the Beauty of Coron, Palawan

Twin Lagoon

We traveled to Coron, Palawan last July 2018. We departed from Clark Airport on board a propeller plane via PAL. When you reach Busuanga airport you need to travel another 30-45 minutes to reach Coron Town Proper. Our hotel arranged a van pick up for us at the airport so it was hassle free.

22 July 2018

Travel to Cebu from Bohol, Philippines

We visited Cebu from Bohol which is only 1 hour away via ferry. WE bought our ferry tickets neat the port. There are different tour operators to choose from. You can also choose between regular and first class seats. First class only costs 300 PHP. 

15 June 2018

Things to do in Bohol, Philippines

Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary
We flew to Tagbilaran from Clark Airport. My grandmother who is 90 years old was assisted well by the airport staff.

10 June 2018

The Script - Freedom Child Tour in Milan 2018

Their concert here in Italy was held in Mediolanum Forum in Milan. This was our second time watching The Script concert. The first time was in Dubai and we really had a great time.

30 May 2018

Countries that a Filipino Citizen can Visit Without a Visa

source: CNN (May 2018)
The following are the list of countries that a Filipino citizen with a valid Philippine passport can visit without a visa prior to travel.

19 May 2018

SAM SMITH Live in Milan (2018)

If you follow our Facebook page, you would understand why we watched Sam Smith's concert. My son loves doing guitar covers of his songs that's why I had to get our tickets as soon as they were sold for his concert at Mediolanum Forum in Milan, Italy last May 11, 2018. 

12 May 2018

Torture Museum in San Marino

Have you ever been in a situation when everybody else wants to visit a place which you really don't want to but eventually you get convinced? Well it's the Torture Museum for me. I really don't like stuffs like these even in the movies but as my son said, it's an educational and historical trip :)

2 Towers of San Marino

famous landmark in San Marino 
San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world and is literally inside Italy. It is so small that you can visit the tourist spots in a day.

11 May 2018

San Marino Passport Stamp

You can have your passport stamped at San Marino Tourist Centre. Yes, it's official in case you're wondering :)

A Walk Around San Marino

view from car park
Car are not allowed in the centre of San Marino but there are a lot of paid parking close to it. There are info point that will guide you on which way to visit San Marino's tourist spots.